At East-the-Water Primary School we believe that children are entitled to outstanding curriculum provision as we are preparing them for their future.  Our curriculum is designed to broaden and deepen children’s knowledge of our world, from learning about the natural world to learning about key historical figures and the impact their contributions have made to the world in which we live.  By focusing on an enquiry-led curriculum, we are providing learning opportunities for children which are meaningful and challenging, that will engage and excite them.  As our children progress through our school, they will develop a range of key tools and will learn key skills such as being able to compare and contrast, and create their own hypothesis.  Every child, their interests and their needs are catered for, so that all children can reach their full potential. We make sure the curriculum at our school is rich and varied by ensuring children take part in a whole host of exciting and memorable activities, trips and visitors. We strive to make every moment at East-the-Water Primary School, one that your child will never forget.

For further information on our curriculum, please read about the curriculum overview and how we support disability in our school.


Well done East-the-Water Primary!

East-the-Water is very proud of all the staff, children, parents and governors who contributed towards our school achieving and exceeding the criteria of this award during December term 2017. Many thanks to Mrs Jackson who led this project from the beginning to to the point of external assessment.

Quality Mark

What is the Quality Mark Award?

The Quality Mark process complements the principles that underpin education strategies used in all schools across England. Quality Mark status as a long-standing independent, flexible and voluntary programme for schools is widely recognised and valued. 

Achieving a Primary Quality Mark offers valuable public recognition and ‘a pat on the back’ to our staff for their day-to-day work of teaching literacy and mathematics. It celebrates the work of the whole school community in making its provision for basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics outstanding.

What are the benefits of achieving our Quality Mark?

  • adds value to our outstanding teaching and learning in reading, writing and mathematics
  • supports and improves children’s learning and continues to ensure pupils make excellent progress 
  • this is an inclusive award that recognises the different ways we support our most vulnerable and needy children
  • ensures that none of our children under achieve and can reach their potential
  • provides a ‘health check’ between external reviewing bodies such as  Ofsted inspectors,  validating and recognising our outstanding practice and progress in the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics
  • recognises that our staff can lead a process of rigorous self-evaluation, followed by action planning and regular reviews to identify positive impact on children’s learning
  • the short length of time taken to achieve this accreditation identifies our capacity to demonstrate progress
  • a celebration of staff, governor and parent collaboration supporting school improvement
  • our outstanding quality of leadership is recognised and it’s impact on continuing professional development for staff by demonstrating leadership and management skills such as auditing, action planning, monitoring and evaluating at all levels
  • celebration of the high level of commitment provided by our Chair and governors who actively carry out their ‘critical friend’ role and offer opportunities to work with staff and children