Eco-Schools Award

This term we are building on last year’s groundwork and are working towards the Eco-Schools Silver Award. We aim to achieve the Eco-Schools Green Flag by the end of the school year.

The requirements of the award are to:

  • meet regularly with the eco committee to discuss our targets and current issues
  • produce an environmental review to inform our action plan
  • write and review an action plan
  • monitor and evaluate our Eco-Schools work
  • link our focus areas to our whole school curriculum and include an in depth project
  • produce an Eco-Code for our school

We discussed the results of class questionnaires and decided to focus on the following 3 key areas to help make the school more environmentally friendly.

1. Litter

We have designed posters which we have positioned around the school reminding everyone to put their litter in the bin.

2. Recycling

Each classroom now has a paper recycling bin which is emptied every 2 weeks with the help of class Recycling Monitors. We are researching ways to recycle different items to make the school more environmentally friendly.

3. Energy

We have appointed Energy Monitors in each classroom, making sure that all lights and electric equipment are turned off when the classroom is not in use.

Our Eco-Code

Put rubbish in the bins.

  • Keep our school tidy

Put paper in tray to reuse or put in recycle bins.

  •  Reuse and recycle.

Turn  electrical equipment off when not in use.

  •  Save energy.

Turn off taps when not in use.

  • Save water.

Walk or cycle to school if possible.

  • Help our environment.