Little Skippers, our foundation stage unit is a fully integrated unit. This means that the children can move freely between our exceptionally well resourced rooms, shared creative area, café and outdoor play area making choices and learning to regulate their responses and behaviour. We provide a safe, secure and supervised unit supported by a large team of qualified and experienced early years educators including three early years trained teachers.

The unit enables children and parents to transfer from early years provision into our reception rooms seamlessly. Children are encouraged to take part in groups, explore ideas, and explain their thinking while developing increasing levels of confidence and independence.

Parent groups 

Story Birds

Miss Lovell leads our reading workshops focusing on ways to explore traditional tales with your child.

Little Counters

Miss Roberts will help you and your child to have fun with numbers, counting everyday objects at home and when playing outside.

Jazzy Boppers

Our music and movement workshop takes place regularly. If you have a two year old and attend our school do come and join in.

Jumping Jacks

Miss Couch will help you think of new games to play with you child when playing in the garden or at the park. Miss Couch is always thinking of new exciting ways to stay healthy and busy.

Chatter Box

We have developed a reading programme to support parents reading and enjoying stories and rhymes at home by taking part in fun activities.

Teddy Words and Sunshine Sounds

We ensure that our reception children are keeping a head with reading and writing by practising key sounds and words they see regularly at home and school.

Family Learning

Together families take part in practical workshops alongside qualified early years educators, developing skills that ensure that the relationships between you and your child are healthy, confident and loving. There is opportunity for all parents to share ideas and strategies that are successful while working with your child.