Keeping safe using the internet

  • Never say unkind things about people that can be used to bully you eg commenting on FaceBook.
  • Never give out personal information about yourself, such as your full name, address or telephone number. You don’t have to use your real name, you could use a nick name instead.
  • Never send a photograph or let someone watch you without your parents’ permission such as Skype.
  • Never respond to someone who scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Never agree to meet someone or visit someone you don’t know except online.
  • If someone scares you by asking you for information, a photograph or to meet you - TELL A GROWN UP IMMEDIATELY!

Remember….If you don’t know- don’t go

  • Sometimes grown up men and women make up an online profile using a child’s photograph, name and age. 
  • These adults intend to harm you and to trick you. 
  • They will have already thought of clever ways to trick you into being their friend. 
  • If this happens tell your parents immediately.

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