At East-the-Water Primary, we strive to ensure that the fundamental British Values are embedded within all aspects of our curriculum. This allows children to explore and engage with the values, developing them into a global citizen, who will thrive. We will teach our children to be accepting and tolerant; respectful and kind to everyone, and understand that we live in a diverse world which should be celebrated. When our pupils leave our school, they will know right from wrong, and be able to contribute positively to both their local and wider society adhering to the rule of law. It is fundamental that they understand the value of democracy and individual liberty to flourish in today’s ever-changing world.

“Somewhere inside of us all is the power to change the world!” – Roald Dahl.

As a school, we have designed our curriculum with the clear intent of building and expanding upon the children’s knowledge, awareness and understanding of the key British Values. Please click here for our British Values curriculum map.

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