Rosemoor trip

Years 3 and 4 spent the day at Rosemoor Gardens as part of our Changing Communities topic. We learnt about how to weave and use natural dyes, as they do in Cambodia. Our favourite activity was when we acted as a human loom to weave a matt and this took all our excellent teamwork and communication skills to complete. We were amazed by the colours we could produce with everyday things, like onion skins.

Bigger School Walk

This week, staff and pupils took on their BIGGEST challenge yet... The BIGGER School Walk. Leaving the school playground at approximately 9:15 am on Wednesday 8th February, the whole school took a walk around the local area, cheered on my some fantastic spectators! Whilst the Foundation Stage Unit and Key Stage 1 stuck to a familiar route around Broadlands, Key Stage 2 ventured on to BIGGER things, taking an extended walk up around the top of East-the-Water. Pupils were delighted to receive refreshments after their walk, which were kindly donated by Tesco East-the-Water. To top off this fantastic morning, children were able to proudly wear their golden stickers, to show everyone how hard they had worked. Well done everyone!

Safer Internet Day

Pupils in KS2 were treated to a very special event to mark Safer Internet Day 2017. They began the afternoon exploring some of the issues in their classrooms. This focused on how to become responsible digital citizens and how to practice this at home and in school. Following this they attended a performance by singer/songwriter and YouTuber, Rich Cottel. Rich was inspiring, engaging and entertaining. He drew them in by performing some hits and even had some children up singing. He was then able to give the children an important message on cyber bullying and how to make sure you don’t find yourself a victim when online. They learnt the 10 second rule, to pause for 10 seconds before you post or share anything online and to ask yourself "would I want the whole world to see this?". This message really got through to the children, who came away with a greater awareness of online behaviour from someone who has embraced social media responsibly. They were all desperate for an autograph after as well!

Viking warrior visit

Last week as part of our Viking topic, Years 3 and 4 were treated to a fantastic day with storyteller, Clive Pig. First, we were visited by a Viking warrior called Bjorni, who told us tales of Thor and Loki the Viking gods and how they journeyed to the land of the Frost Giants and competed against them. After this, Clive delivered three workshops, one with each class, in which we developed our storytelling skills through learning about how to control our voices and change characters to engage our audiences.

Panto 2017

Every year we dress up and are ready to join the fun of our school pantomime. This year M&M Productions treated us to an amazing production of Cinderella. We laughed, we sang, we boo-ed and we giggled a lot. Every adult and child dressed up as a fairy tale character and looked fantastic. Next year's pantomime will be Beauty and the Beast - can't wait!

Music Mark

East-the-Water Primary School has achieved the Music Mark for the development of our music curriculum and commitment to developing children as young musicians. To achieve this, we provided evidence of curriculum development, professional development of staff and the opportunities we provide for children in school. This year so far we have awarded scholarships for children for flute and ukulele and offer three music clubs: Recorder Club, Ukulele Club and KS2 Choir. We have also organised a successful trip to watch the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra for Year 3/4 and run weekly singing assemblies.

Speech and Language Workshop

Mrs Smith and Ms Servaes ran a workshop for parents and their children in Year 1 and Year 2 in Autumn 2016. The workshop provided parents with ideas that would develop children’s speaking, listening and understanding skills. Parents were also given leaflets of activities to play at home. The children were invited into the workshop to play a variety of games with their parents. Games were set up to encourage language skills. Feedback from the parents was positive from ‘more of this surely is welcome’ to ‘I have learnt some new interesting things.’

Reception Post Office trip

On Wednesday 14th December, the reception children went on a trip to the local post office. We discussed road safety, and the children came up with their own ideas of how to stay safe when walking by the road, including holding their partners hand, and stopping by the crossing. They took it in turns to post their cards. They really enjoyed walking to the post office and posting home the wonderful Christmas cards they made.

Jumping Jacks Parent Workshop

From 16th November 2016 – 7th December 2016 Jumping Jacks met with Miss Couch on a Wednesday morning to take part in a parent and child physically active workshop. The Jumping Jacks programme provided an exciting opportunity for parents and children to engage in fun physical activities using a range of interactive resources. On Wednesday 7th December, Jumping Jacks had great fun learning about road safety and practicing what they have learned whilst out walking to the park. After that we enjoyed going on a scavenger hunt. Everybody loved finding the items on the list and talking about them with their parents and friends.

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Trip

Years 3 and 4 had a wonderful trip to watch the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra in concert last Thursday. We had been practising two of the orchestra's pieces, Four Elements and War and Peace, and it was an incredible opportunity for us to watch a live performance as well as join in! We loved listening to the orchestra, trying our hand a body percussion and performing in a round.