Parents Feedback – Autumn 2021

"We speak for the vast majority of families when we say how grateful we are to you for managing to keep our school open during and beyond lockdown, putting things in place to ensure our children are in a safe, clean environment."

KS1 Parent

"We want to say how we appreciate the school's dedication, kindness and tremendous hard work making this a thriving and loving community. During unprecedented times, our children have been happy and engaged with their learning and look forward to coming to school."

KS2 Parent


Changes during lockdown period Summer 2020

"We would like to thank all the wonderful teaching staff for making the changes that ensured all our children are safe to return to school. It has been a challenging time but your hard work has not gone unnoticed."


Year 6 Summer 2020

"I am so thankful that my child attended such a fantastic school!"


Year 6 Summer 2020  

"Our child is leaving and we are very very sad. She has been nurtured and encouraged by your wonderful staff- thank you!"


Comment from parents of children newly joined KS1  October 2018

“We feel so lucky to be here, our children are so happy. They come home and talk about the school and their new friends. Thank you for making them feel so happy.”


Celebrating our 50th Anniversary   November 2018

On 28th October the school was 50 years old. We celebrated with a craft fayre and classroom parties. Thank you to our PTA who organised such a lovely fayre raising a profit of £800. The children enjoyed their celebration parties, dressing up in outfits from the1960  era. What an amazingly talented and artistic group of parents we have in our PTA.


CHILL Skills Parent Workshop Autumn 2 2017

"Thank you to the school for providing an amazing taster session …….a complete eye opener and will be taking all advice on board. I will recommend the next sessions to parents as I’m sure everyone will benefit from it. Many thanks."


Visiting Prospective Parent  Autumn 1 2017

"Thank you for showing us around your school. We were extremely impressed. We loved the ethos that has been created by you and your extremely hard working staff; there was definitely a strong learning environment where it was clear that all students thrive in all aspects of life."


Parent says “Thank you!” – Summer 2 2017

“A very big thank you to Mrs Jackson for her excellent teaching. My son has gained confidence in himself and blossomed in the last two years and has got him to where he needs to be for Bideford College. Also I would like to say thank you Catherine for listening and acting to any concerns we have ever had. My son has grown from the very quiet shy boy in nursery to the confident chap he is today. You have some excellent teachers and some extraordinary teaching assistants, sometimes people don't get enough credit for all the hard work they put in to a job that must be very difficult and stressful at times, yet very rewarding at the same time.”


Wooda Medical Centre Team - Summer 2 2017

"Thank you so much for the FANTASTIC pictures that you did. They look great in the waiting room and have really cheered up all the poorly people who have to see a doctor. Well done you wonderful pupils."


Trainee Teacher Schools Direct - Summer 2 2017

"Thank you for everything you have done to help and support me during my time at East-the-Water. It is an amazing school and I feel honoured to have worked here alongside some amazing people."


Family Footsteps workshop - Summer 2 2017

“Best was spending time with my child on a one to one basis. It’s nice to spend time with other parents having fun. Super fun!”

“Wish we could do this more often. Rounders was great.” 

“I liked it when Mummy couldn’t catch the ball.” 

“I enjoyed rounders with Mummy. We had fun together.”


Story Birds Nursery workshop - Summer 1 2017

"What a brilliant group! Both children loved it and it was great for me to see them in the school environment and being able to join in with them as they learn. Thank you :)"

"Alisha and I have really enjoyed these sessions. It's been lovely to come and join Alisha in school and see her progress. The sessions were really well thought out and engaged them all. We particularly liked the forest sessions. Thank you so muck, Kelly and Alisha."

"Story Birds was fantastic, so exciting and so well thought out. Not only fun for the children but for the adults too! Enjoyed every minute of it, keep up the amazing work :) Kaiden and his Mummy :)"



Parents Maths workshop - Spring 2 2017

"It was very helpful to see how fractions is taught and how much harder it is since I was at school. My son loves maths."

"Helpful to see and talk about different learning resources."

"Really nice to mix fun and maths. I have enjoyed both sessions getting to understand how my child is learning- good to share together, not always got this time!"


Chatter Box Nursery reading programme - Spring 2 2017

"Freddie enjoyed looking through newspapers for houses to put his map."

"We all had lots of fun making Evie’s map, even with her big brother Charlie. Evie loved placing the bus on the map and going along the road. We all did lots of singing ‘The Wheels on the bus.’ Evie did lots of singing!"


Family Footsteps Award - Spring 1 2017

"We enjoyed using the pedometers, good to know when you are improving and it gave us a competitive element."


Boogie Woogie Little Tiddlers  parent workshop – Spring 1 2017

"Brilliant. Well done Mrs Taylor. We enjoyed everything and look forward to next term!"

"This was funny, lots of smiles, nice songs- thank you for helping us learn new songs."

"I really enjoyed singing with my little boy. It was great to spend time with him. Thank you for inviting us to Boogie Woogie!"

"I thought this was a great way to help parents getting involved with singing- good way to learn new songs."


Parents Feedback – Summer 2 2016

"Dear Mrs Higley 

I was one of the mums that attended the star of the week assembly yesterday afternoon. My son was chosen this week. I just wanted to say what a fantastic idea this is. What a brilliant way of really valuing the children and this must be such a great boost to their self-esteem. My husband and I very much enjoyed the assembly and couldn't have been any prouder of our son. We couldn't help but notice how fantastically well behaved all of the children were. They all looked so happy and settled. This always reflects whenever we come into the school right from 2 years ago when I had my first visit to the school. I knew right away this was the right school."


Pastoral Support - Autumn 2016

"It is very reassuring as a parent to witness the high priority that East the Water school places on the welfare of all students.  Thank you for putting our minds at ease. Keep up the good work!"


Hearing Support Centre - Outreach Team – Summer 2016

"I could not have asked for more....... So much help has been given directly because of Teacher of the Deaf's visits."

"The experience offered by the Teacher of the Deaf is invaluable in ensuring that our child is supported as well as he can be with input from support teachers facilitated by her advice."

"She (Teacher of the Deaf) helped us take action when ( ) would refuse to wear his hearing aids. The advice she gave helped hugely and now we have no issues at all."

"I just want to say a massive thank you for all Linda's support because I wouldn't have been able to do it without her. I really appreciate it and she has taught me so much."

"Linda has been utterly fantastic with us. She is always reassuring us of our ability to sign well and she is filled to the brim with positivity, it makes us more eager to learn with her."


Parents science and writing workshops - Summer term 2016

"We both enjoyed working together, solving the problems to try and make our rocket work. Next time we would like more time to build our invention- may need days!"

"Great being involved in such a fantastic session which really sparked my imagination and sharing this my daughter."

"Great to see how good my Mum is! More biscuits please."

"More sessions please, maybe over a number of weeks. Nice for the older children to have 1:1."

"I enjoyed making stuff with my Dad."

"I enjoyed being able to work alongside Isla and see how she works and thinks at school."

"More of this, don’t change a thing!"


Physical Education KS2 survey – Summer 2016

“I love PE because it’s really fun and gives the class exercise.”

“The only thing that would make PE better is if we could do it more often.”


Parents respond to our 1st Coffee Morning:

"The Coffee Morning was very good! Brilliant organisation, I found it very helpful and was a lot of useful professionals there. Very good!"

"I thought the Coffee Morning was fantastic. Brilliant idea and got some very useful information from different services".


Letter from Sue Clarke- Spring 1 2016

Devon County Council, Head of Education and Learning

"It gives me great pleasure to congratulate your school on improving outcomes for pupils. You are one of the most improved schools in Devon. It is clear that you and your staff have provided your pupils with a good start in life and prepare them well for secondary school. I would like to congratulate your staff, governors, parents and pupils for their hard work and success."


Bideford Library- Autumn 2015 

"Without exception, your students are bright, enthusiastic, very well behaved and great fun to be around! And the teaching staff all appear really friendly, popular and "in-tune" with their pupils.

From the little ones in receprion to the childern in their final years at East-the-Water Primary School - you should be very proud at having produced such great kids."


Parents respond to our 1st Maths Cafe:

"I have really enjoyed finding out what the children are learning and being involved- thank you!" 

"I thought the Maths Cafe was great to how the children are learning so I can support them at home."

"The Maths Café was great. Please do more. Its a great way for me to learn and help understand what my child needs to know."

"Its good to know what our children are learning so we can match it at home."

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