Letter to parents from Devon County Council




This school is committed to safeguarding. We promote the emotional and well-being of all our children. We expect all or staff, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment. The word staff is used to include any paid employee. The word volunteer is any non-paid adult or young person. 

The school therefore;

  • maintains a secure  environment 
  • promotes an ethos where pupils feel included, safe to talk and are listened to
  • employs staff who are safe to work with children 
  • completes rigorous checks and induction for all unpaid adults
  • ensures pupils know the key adults they can approach
  • ensures the breadth of curriculum further deepens pupils of safety in the environment including e-safety

The Designated Officer is Catherine Higley.

The Deputy Officer is Adam Buckeridge.


Road Safety

Avoiding careless parking

Parent drivers please help by;

  • Parking in a space, this may not be near the school gate and may involve a walk
  • Never in the staff car park
  • Not parking across a neighbour’s drive as they cannot get out until you return

Crossing roads with care

Please help by teaching your child to;

  • Wait, listen and look each way before crossing the road
  • Cross in a safe area/ pavement and not between parked cars
  • Wait until an oncoming car has passed and never run across when you can see a car coming 

Reducing risks while crossing roads on visits

The school has decided that;

  • All children walking between school and educational visits will each wear a high viz vest.
  • All staff designated to stop the traffic while the children cross any roads will also wear high viz vests.

Many thanks to all you careful drivers out there!

Keeping safe when playing outside


  • Never go off with a stranger

They may want to take you somewhere and pretend to show you a special thing they have.

  • Never take things from a stranger

They may want to give you sweets so that you will like them.

  • Never get into a car with a stranger

They may promise to bring you back so that you will go with them.

What is a stranger?

A stranger is someone you don’t know. Some strangers are good people but some are unkind and will hurt children. The problem is that sometimes we can’t tell the good strangers from the mean ones.


Tell a grown up where you are going to play and who you are playing with. If you are going to a park or to play in another street, always stay with friends and go home on time.


If a grown up or older child scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable, you should shout “STOP” at the stranger in your loudest and biggest voice. This will tell your friends that you need help.


Run home as fast as you can. If home is too far, run to a friend’s house or somewhere safe like the school or a shop. Tell a safe grownup what has happened and that you need their help.


If a stranger has frightened you, tell your parent where it happened, when and what happened. This will stop the stranger frightening you again or speaking to other children.

What to do if there is a fire

  • Don’t tackle the fire yourself. Leave it to professionals.
  • Keep calm, get everyone out quickly. 
  • Call 999 as soon as you can - always escape first!
  • Remember as you escape, close each door behind you.
  • Before you open a door, if it’s warm don’t open it as the fire is on the other side.
  • Don’t waste time saving items or returning into the fire. Keep everyone safe.
  • Where there is smoke, keep down low where the air is clearest.

Protect your home

Smoke alarms are inexpensive and easy to install. They are available from supermarkets and DIY stores. Fit your alarm on the ceiling and where you can hear it throughout your home or when asleep. Keep lighters and matches away from children and never leave candles unsupervised. Have an escape route in mind. Never stack things up in front of a door you may need to escape through in the middle of the night.

Useful websites;


Fit an alarm, test your alarm regularly, plan an escape route!

Get out - stay out - call out 999


New defibrillator is installed in our main entrance 

Our school has purchased a new defibrillator. It is located in the entrance area to the school office. The defibrillator is available for the staff and public to use in any emergency, in the school or the wider community of East-the-Water.


You School Nurse is here for you.

For more information please click picture bellow.

School Nurse 

Keeping children safe in education


Devon Safeguarding Children Board





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