Safer Internet Day

Pupils in KS2 were treated to a very special event to mark Safer Internet Day 2017. They began the afternoon exploring some of the issues in their classrooms. This focused on how to become responsible digital citizens and how to practice this at home and in school. Following this they attended a performance by singer/songwriter and YouTuber, Rich Cottel. Rich was inspiring, engaging and entertaining. He drew them in by performing some hits and even had some children up singing. He was then able to give the children an important message on cyber bullying and how to make sure you don’t find yourself a victim when online. They learnt the 10 second rule, to pause for 10 seconds before you post or share anything online and to ask yourself "would I want the whole world to see this?". This message really got through to the children, who came away with a greater awareness of online behaviour from someone who has embraced social media responsibly. They were all desperate for an autograph after as well!

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