What sorts of things does the law ask schools to do?


  • Make sure those with disabilities have the same opportunities as those without
  • Take into account a disability, even when that involves treating the person with a disability more favourably than others
  • Do not tolerate any harassment of disabled people that is related to their disabilities
  • Promote positive attitudes towards disabilities
  • Assess and monitor the impact of activities on disabled people
  • Improve outcomes for disabled people


In school, we have produced a 3 year Accessibility Action Plan 2019-2021. This specifically focuses on improving access to the curriculum, improving access to the physical environment and improving access to information for children, parents/carers, staff and all involved in the wider school community with disabilities. 

The school have made the following improvements as part of this Action Plan over the last year:

  • More shelters and clubs are now available for children at break and lunchtime
  • Chill Skills mentors have been trained up and now support children who are upset or needing additional support at lunchtime
  • Chill and Chat sessions each Friday provides support for parents of children with special educational needs and disabilities


We have identified that the following aspects of the school need to be improved: 

  • Investigate the possibility of signs over shelters so that Chill Skill mentors can be found more easily
  • ‘Oops’ card to be introduced alongside visual timetable in classes to support children needing structure and routine (especially those with autism)
  • SENDCo to run specific training if required at Chill & Chat sessions eg Comic Strip Conversations


You can find the link to our Accessibility Action Plan on the previous page. 

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