Most of our children who we identify as needing support to accelerate their progress have their needs met as part of high quality first teaching. This may include teachers adapting what they do and having different approaches to meet different needs within the class, alongside a range of interventions normally provided by the school.

If a pupil is identified as having SEN, his/her teacher and the SENDCo will consider everything we know about the pupil to determine the support that is needed and whether it can be provided by adapting teaching in class or whether something different or additional is required.

Where provision for SEN is needed, we work with pupils and their families to create either of these:

Provision Map – your child will have this if they are having some form of SEN intervention over a long period of time such as daily 1-1 Reading or having speech and language sessions in a group. This Provision Map will show you the additional support your child is getting in school as well as their targets. Please click here to see an example.

My Plan - if in discussion with you, we feel that an in-school more specific programme of targets is needed, we will write what is known as a My Plan. This will probably have 3 targets that your child will work on for a term. These children will have a keyring with these targets written on to help them to practice using them each day. Please click here to see an example My Plan.

Provision Maps and My Plans will both be reviewed by the teacher, parent and child at the end of the term (we are happy to meet sooner if parents request it). New Provision Maps or My Plans may then be implemented. If the child is able to make good progress using this additional and different resource (but would not be able to maintain this good progress without it) we will continue to identify them as having SEN.  If the pupil is able to maintain good progress without the additional and different resources he or she will no longer be identified as having SEN. When any change in identification of SEN is changed, parents will be notified.


To find out more about Education Health Care Plans please click link below:

Education Health Care Plans (henceforth EHCP)

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