A meeting to review the Provision Map or the My Plan will be held termly with the class teacher, parents and child present (based on the child’s maturity and/or agreement). They will discuss progress made the using assessment information available. If the child does not want to attend this meeting, they will fill in a questionnaire in advance of this meeting so that their views are represented at it.  For pupils with an EHCP, there will also be an annual review of the provision made for the child led by the SENDCo, which will enable an evaluation of the effectiveness of the special provision over the year. If parents are unable to attend the meeting, home visits and telephone calls can be arranged. 


The SEN Code of Practice (2014, 6.17) describes inadequate progress thus:

  • Is significantly slower than that of their peers starting from the same baseline
  • Fails to match or better the child’s previous rate of progress
  • Fails to close the attainment gap between rate of progress i(attainment is the expected standard of pupils’ work on entry or at the end of the year – what is expected nationally from children in the same year group
  • Widens the attainment gap


The school ensures that the impact of any support is measured to see if it is working or not. Consequently adaptations to provision may be made in light of these findings.

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