The school budget, received from Devon Local Authority includes money for supporting children with SEN.


The Head Teacher, the Deputy Head Teacher, the SENDCo and the class teachers discuss all the information they have about SEND in the school, including the children getting extra support already, the children needing more support and the children who have been identified as not making as much progress as would be expected. From this information, the school decides what support is needed and given each term.These resources may include providing a child with a small group or individual intervention led by trained staff or providing additional resources (e.g: iPad, writing slope). If a child is allocated resources through an EHCP, then this provision is specified on the child’s My Plan and reviewed annually at a formal Annual Review Meeting.

The amount of support required for each pupil to make good progress will be different in each case. In very few cases a very high level of resource is required.   The Devon funding arrangements require schools to provide a certain amount of financial resource for pupils with high needs but above that amount, the Local Authority should provide ‘top up’ to the school if they agree there is a need. 


In order to provide day-to-day resources, the SENDCo has an annual budget that allows for the provision of specialist resources such as iPads and writing slopes. Outside agencies will often loan equipment for periods of time, for example, for physiotherapy or toileting needs. There are also charities that school can apply for funding for specific and costly resources such as individual iPads.


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