Supporting children’s well-being is our most important job and on a day-to-day basis, the class teacher teaches about gentle / safe touch through “peer massage,” children learn about behaviour as rights, responsibilities and choices, we teach children the skills of how to work together in teams and how to be mindful through ‘Chill Skills’ strategies. In addition, we have a very supportive SEND Team consisting of the SENDCo Mrs Smith and 2 Teaching Assistants, Ms Servaes and Mrs Moon who provide daily support when required for children and parents.


For our children who need additional support, we use

  • Weekly Chill Skills sessions  (Chill Skills aims to help children with their anxiety or anger through adopting a mindfulness approach)                                                                 
  • Chill & Chat workshops for parents and their children run by two very skilled TAs  (aims to supports families to understand why children may behave the way they do and how best to support any challenging behaviours)
  • Weekly Expect Respect programme (aims to unpick and challenge stereotyping)
  • Lunchtime and playtime support through planned activities and groups, for example, gardening club, lego club, forest schools
  • Talking and Drawing programme that encourages children to talk through events and feelings
  • Comic Strip Conversations (aims to unpick an incident or issue that is upsetting a child)


If your child still needs extra support with their well-being, with your permission the SENDCo will access further support through the Right for Children process and set up a Team Around the Family meeting. This may involve inviting organisations that can support you and your child, for example, Family Support Workers who may support you at home with an issue with your child such as sleeping routines, keeping your rules, etc.

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