Adaptions and changes teachers make to learning for children based on differing levels of need and learning levels

Educational Psychologists (EPs)


A professional who supports the school to develop its SEN provision as well as assessing and identifying individual children’s needs

Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP)


The Local Authority may grant an EHCP when a  child’s needs are severe and/or complex - this means the child’s progress remains extremely limited or the amount of support needed to ensure progress is significant. It will outline your child’s needs, the help your child will receive and outcomes for them to achieve. There may be educational, health and social care outcomes. 


Support programmes that target a specific gap in learning. These may be in a group or on a 1-1 basis depending on the need.

SEND Policy


The document that reflects the statutory (legal) requirements of special educational needs and disabilities and how the actual practice of the school meets them.

SEN Statement


These are now being phased out. A Statement of Special Educational Needs outlines what your child’s special educational needs are and the help that will be given by their education placement. These are now being replaced by EHCPs

Speech and language therapists


Professionals from the Health Service who identify, assess, support, monitor, offer advice to children, schools, families for children with communication, social and/or language needs.

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