Here at East-the-Water Primary we know that wearing our uniform creates a sense of pride for pupils and staff. It enables us to belong to the same group, fostering a community spirit and a strong sense of identity. All of our uniform can be sourced from either the school office or at a local supermarket, reducing cost for families. Kit bags with draw strings, water bottles, book bags, PE bags, sweatshirts and t-shirts displaying the school logo are available at the school office. You can purchase these items without the school logo but they are all expected as items of every day uniform. Nursery sweatshirts with our Little Skippers logo are available from the school office. Reception pupils wear our red school sweatshirt. We keep clean spare uniform, including shoes and plimsolls in school. This enables us to support a pupil arriving to school without an item of uniform. Parents/ carers need to be aware that, at our school we will always change a pupil into school uniform until they leave to go home at the end of the school day. Unfortunately, due to lack of space, rucksacks are not permitted therefore drawstring bags must be used for kit, book bags for homework and reading books.


For further information, or to purchase school uniform, please follow the links below:


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